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Hi, my name is Jan, and that's the update on my experience with the title caught my husband masturbating for the March 19 date. If you have not read I recommend you read first to understand what is happening to me, on the night of the party. As I told Mike I wanted to come and take me right to say that my husband has to do Stark Raving mad, another man, where each n is close to me to fuck me because But that was in the middle of the night and my husband I was not aware, but what I had done. Any woman will tell you that does not happen to another with ease, unlike men, I can not wait to get in bravoteens women's underwear. As I said, I took the phone number of Mike, but he had no meetings with him. When I entered the room, my husband was asleep, so cautiously drifted into bed and sleep. I was like there was ligh, I felt my husband 's hand, stroking my inner thigh awakened. When she opened her eyesANED and kissed me. What's up, I asked, I feel like me, answered me, and I love you. wanted to get up and go for a shower bravoteens and still smell my pussy could convicts Mike had given me. But my husband did not get up myself, I was nervous and it was time to say what he had done. When I say, he began to put his finger on my lips and shusssh. I know someone shit, I can smell your pussy from here. you that you and I will eat my pussy,, No, No, you can not smell. I know he does not respond by always wash, I wish you every bit of taste bravoteens cum filled pussy. I was now all objections and let him go down on me. This is having an impact on me and was soaking wet pussy as I licked her pussy lips open. I arrived as a full-blown orgasm that I bravoteens agree with Mike. then jumped on me and asked me who I had taken the night before and how often. His name is Mike and he told me he took only oncand, well dirty little bitch should contact him again a whore. That was what my husband had always dreamed of, and now it happened. My husbands cock was the hardest I've never felt that was hit, I was increasingly difficult. Well, bitch, you can bravoteens be added to fuck in the ass, no, now, would you have done. Is it bigger than me? ? yes yes much bigger and fatter, it's better than me? HO SI along its a damn coward. I could hardly believe what I was saying, but had the desired effect, and my husband, he came with a powerful touch and filled me. Orgamsed I got back, and tail to me to be me again, and licked furiously in our mixed juices. Later that day we talked about what had happened and my husband wanted me to go to hell microphone. But I do not want this to be a regular thing / / so that I did not want to develop feelings for another man. There was also the fact that Mike bravoteens knew from his friends and not want to beIt was a bitch. But we agree that he fuck me again and this time would be at home with us. So I called Mike and asked him to come in on Saturday night. Well Saturday night was Mike has planned, I took my husband. They knew him by sight, but never showed up. We had dinner and drinks and then fuck me Mike the issue was discussed. Mike told my husband, I do not bravoteens understand how you sit there, while I'm fucking his beautiful wife. Want to see how I like your shit is not bravoteens in a position. But he stood up and told to go to bed and went into the room. Mike took me to bravoteens the bed, where he remained all night. We caught some sleep and then sleeping and then fucked. This evening Mike, it was full of his cum in my pussy and my mouth, and even had his ass twice. The speech was obscene, he called me a whore and a cock hungry slut and fraud recessed pocket. It was a fantastic night or raw sex they want out of me has more. After Mike left in the morning my husband was in the room like a rocket. He eagerly licked my pussy and ass, and eat all the sperm from Mike for my two holes. Once again, fans had sex, actually for my husband. Now I want as a slave and treated him feel inferior. Not sure if I can do that, but I'll try. I like to pick up the courage to fuck other men like me to lose that feeling of having sex, and I want to continue. Just add the value of meeting others. Before this happened I never thought I like to fuck another man who could very much.
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